Maintenance and Service

Grass grazing

Alternative solutions for mowing grass

A herd of sheep is often used to remove grass and allowed to graze. This solution is not suitable for large PV plants due to its unsystematic nature.

Checking the panels with a thermal camera

From the ground and from the air

The inspection with the thermal imager ensures the initial detection of defects and thus further losses are prevented. The inspection is performed both from the ground and from the air by drone.

Panel degradation control

Certified laboratory

Panel degradation is checked once a year in the form of flash tests in a certified laboratory of photovoltaic systems in the Czech Republic.

Checking connections and cabling

Oxidation and mechanical release

Oxidation or mechanical loosening of cables and connections can have an adverse effect on the function and delivered performance of the panels and the entire system.

Inspection and replacement of panels

Damaged and non-functional panels

Inspection and replacement of damaged and non-functional panels after physical damage or loss of performance.

Ecological disposal of panels

incl. documents for the insurance company

In case of destruction of PV panels or their degradation, the panels must be replaced and the old ones disposed of ecologically. In the case of an insured event, this is also connected with the settlement of the insured event.